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6x4 Dump Truck

We supply dump trucks of various brand-names: Foton, Benz, D'Long, Howo, and Steyr King.
As a key product of our company, our 6×4 dump trucks have been extensively used in Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Peru, Uruguay, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Burma, just to name a few. Additionally, we also provide 8×4 dump trucks in accordance with the needs of customers.

Our 6×4 dump trucks are designed with internationally-famous driving cabs and internationally-approved truck parts.

A standard tipper truck is primarily used for interprovincial material transportation.
A heavy-duty tipper lorry, as its name suggests, is mainly used for heavy duty tasks.
Our company is a professional 6×4 dump truck supplier and manufacturer based in China. All our 6×4 dumpers are equipped with a 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine: inline 6-cylinder with water cooling, turbo-charging & intercooling systems. The engine conforms to Euro III emission standards. Our dump truck is primarily designed with a Left Hand Drive mechanism. Different cabins are available, including Mercedes Benz cab, S07 cab, Steyr cab, HW 76, HOWO cab, MAN cab, flat head cab, double-door cab, and tippable cab, etc.
In additional to tippers, we also produce tractor trucks, lorry trucks, semi dump trailers, tank semi trailers, garbage trucks, water tank trucks, a comprehensive range of construction vehicles, and more. We encourage you to contact us for more product information.

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