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  • 4x2 Tractor TruckWe adopt internationally-acclaimed cabin designs and internationally-approved truck parts of high quality ...
  • 6x2 Tractor TruckFoton, Benz, D'Long, and Howo 6×2 tractor trucks are all available here. To satisfy the different needs of our customers ...
  • 6x4 Tractor TruckAs a result of our good product quality, competitive prices and complete services, our tractor units have been exported to Algeria.
  • Single Bunk HOWO A7 6X4 Tractor TruckSinotruck manufactures a variety of 6X4 tractor trucks, which are highly maneuverable, flexible, provide high travel speed and deliver great cost savings.
  • 4X2 Tractor Truck

    Our company provides a wide range of Sinotruck HOWO, HOWO A7 and HOVA 4X2 tractor trucks that come in various specifications.

  • Tractor TruckModel:NXG4250D3KB/NXG4160D3ZA/NXG4205DP speed(km/h):95/90/90
  • 6x2 Tractor Truck Steering:ZF8098 hydraulic steering with power assistance
    Cab:HW79 standard cab, air conditioner, 2 bunks

Tractor Truck

A tractor truck is also known as a tractor unit, road tractor or tractor head. In Australian English, it is also known as prime mover. It belongs to the category of heavy duty commercial vehicle. A tractor truck is usually used together with a semi-trailer and is designed to tow a trailer which is not equipped with a front axle.

A tractor truck can be used with different types of semi-trailers. As a result, a tractor unit is not restricted to only one type of material carrying. A tractor head-tank semi trailer is one that can be used for carrying liquid and powder materials; the tractor unit-container semi trailer can be used for carrying containers.

Additionally, a tractor truck can also help us save time. While unloading, the tractor head can be used on a different semi-trailer to continue transporting materials, thus reducing the transportation period.

As a specialized tractor truck manufacturer and supplier, which provides 4x2, 6x4, and 6x 2 tractor trucks. All these goods carrying vehicles are designed with different cabins to satisfy your different demands. Mercedes Benz, AUMAN normal roof, MAN cab with normal roof (one sleeper), HW 79, flat head, tippable, high-roof, double sleeping beds with A/C cabs, etc, are all available here. Equipped with high performance 4-stroke direct injection diesel engines, our tractor trucks are of low fuel consumption and lower greenhouse-gas emission.

Now our products are well accepted in Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Peru, Uruguay, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Burma, and more. We welcome you to be one of our clients.

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