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Tank Semi Trailer

Tank Materials
Our tank semi trailers are made of different materials according to the nature of goods to be transported. The commonly used raw materials for their construction include carbon steel and stainless steel. Aluminium alloy and aluminum tanks are also available upon request.

Tank Style
Square tanks, elliptic tanks and round tanks are available choices.
Tank semi-trailers can be designed with single or multiple storage-cabins. Multi-silo semi trailer facilitates the transportation of different kinds of materials simultaneously. It is suitable for the transportation of a wide range of materials, such as foods, oil, chemical products, and more.

When used as an oil tank semi trailer, its tank and oil pipelines should be cleaned on fixed dates, and the ends of the oil-delivery hoses should be lubricated frequently. This should be done to ensure easy and convenient hose installation and dismounting.

About the supplier
As a leading tank semi trailer manufacturer and supplier located in China, our semi trailers are of high quality and reasonable price. All of them are CCC certified. Furthermore, we offer dump trucks, tractor units, and construction machinery such as forklift trucks, and road rollers, to name a few. They have been extensively used in various countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Burma, etc.

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Specifications of Tank Semi Trailer

Tank Semi Trailer
Model CGST9576 2 AXLES
Tyre 12.00-20 bias tire
Spring 11/11
Curb weight 9,570kg
Loaded weight 24,000kg
Wheel base (mm) 7,450+1,305
Wheel thread (mm) 1,840
Front overhang (mm) 1,450
Rear overhang (mm) 2,795
Capacity 37.7CBM
Outer Dimension (mm) 13,000x2,500x3,900
Tank Dimension (mm) 12,500x2,200x1,600
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