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Asphalt Mixing Plant

Our asphalt mixing plants have the following features: high productivity of 240t/h, accurate measuring, and simple operation. They are ideal construction machinery for road construction and maintenance activities.

1. High efficiency and energy-saving aggregate-heating system is used. Heat conducting oil is used as the fuel for heating, which ensures a high safety standard.
2. Our newly–designed PC+PLC control system makes the asphalt mixing plant simple to operate.
3. The mixing vanes are made of wear-resistant cast iron, for durability. Aggregate and bitumen, etc. are evaluated independently for reliability and batching precision.
4. High precision weighing devices and high efficiency mixing devices further guarantee the reliability and high quality of our products.
5. Dust collection system contains a gravitational dust collector and a cloth bag dust collector for effective dust collection.
6. It is uniquely designed to effectively reduce the force of resistance and prevent the conveyer belt from wearing. This increases the service life of the plant.
7. Heating system is of an integral structure, thus guaranteeing stable machine operation and high heating efficiency.

About the supplier
As an asphalt mixing plant manufacturer and supplier based in China, we are committed to supplying environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plants that are simple, reliable and of stable performance.

In addition to our focus on quality, we also attach much attention to price of our products. We can offer you mixing plants at low prices due to our easy access to cheap transportation facilities for our raw materials and equipment components.
We also provide different engineering machinery to satisfy various customer demands, such as crawler excavators, forklift trucks, motor graders, road rollers, wheel loaders, and more. We encourage you to choose our construction machinery.

Basic Technical Parameters

Productivity 240t/h
Installed power 628kw
Cold aggregate feeding system
Quantity of cold aggregate silo 4~6(according to the requirements of customers)
Capacity of cold aggregate silo 13m3 or 15m3 (according to the requirements of customers)
Aggregate feeding width 3.6m
Drying drum
Length of drying drum 10m
Diameter of drying drum 2.5m
Drive of drying drum 4×22kW
Combustor 18.6MW
Fuel Light oil, heavy oil
Dust removing system
Air draft volume 85000Nm^3/h
Power of induced draft fan 160kW
Filtering area 900m^2
Main mixing station
Vibrating screen 5 layers 2050
Hot aggregate silo 40m^3
Mixing capacity 3000kg
Mixing power 2×37kw
Side-set finished product silo 160t or 200t
Power of winch 55kw
Powder supply system
Powder feeding silo 50m^3
Powder recycling silo 40m^3
Asphalt/fuel supply system
Asphalt tank 3×50,000L
Heavy oil tank 3×50,000L
Diesel tank 30,000L
Heat conducting oil furnace 750,000kcal/h
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