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Crawler Excavator

A crawler excavator is an earth moving equipment that is regularly used. It is composed of a boom, bucket, and a driving cab, among others. It is widely used in construction sites for shoveling and the transportation of soil, coal, sand, gravel and rocks, etc.

Our crawler excavators are designed with driving cabs that are of high safety standards, to improve the working condition of the driver. Hydraulic excavators are designed with falling-object protection and side-tilting protection cabs. An adjustable driver seat offers a better driving condition. Additionally, a noise-insulation device is used to effectively reduce the noise inside the driving cab.

A crawler excavator is composed of power devices, working devices, slewing mechanism, traveling mechanism, and auxiliary equipment, among others.
1. There should be no obstacles within the rotational radius of a crawler excavator to prevent scratches on the excavator.
2. To ensure operation safety, no person is allowed to stand in the bucket or within the rotational radius of a digger.

Our company is a crawler excavator manufacturer and supplier based in China. Owing to our focus on good quality and competitive prices, our excavators are CCC certified. To date, we have established a stable and long term relationship with customers from Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Peru, Uruguay, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Burma, and more.

We also produce many other construction machines for different construction works, including asphalt mixing plants, forklift trucks, road rollers, and wheel loaders, among others. If you are in need of earth moving equipment or any other engineering machinery requirement, don't hesitate to contact us.

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