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GR180 Motor Grader

As a professional motor grader manufacturer and supplier based in China, we produce different models of road graders. All our graders are of high quality and offered at low prices. They are CCC certified and well accepted in Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Besides graders, we also supply other construction machinery including asphalt mixing plants, truck cranes, wheel loaders, etc. Special heavy trucks, dump trucks, tractor trucks, semi trailers, truck parts, etc. are also available at our company.
We welcome you to China!

Specifications of Motor Grader

XCMG motor grader
Trademark XCMG
Engine model Cummins CTAA8.3-C
Rated power/speed 138kw (185hp)/2200rpm
Dimension (L x W x H) (standard) (mm) 9,298x2,601x3,430
Operating weight (standard) 15,400kg
Module weight on front wheels 4,620kg
Module weight on rear wheels 10,780kg
Tire size 17.5-25 RP12
Mini ground clearance 430mm
Distance between front and rear axles 6,266mm
Distance between middle and rear wheels 1,639mm
Operation specification
Max. Steering angle of front wheels ±450
Max. Lean angle of front wheels ±170
Max. Oscillation angle of front axle ±150
Frame articulation angle ±250
Min. Turning radius using articulation 7.8m
Blade Max. Lift above ground 460mm
Max. cutting depth 500mm
Max. Blade angle position 900
Blade cutting angle 280~700
Circular reverse rotation 3600
Moldboard width x height 360x610mm
Performance specification
Traveling speed, forward km/h
Traveling speed, reverse 5.11.23 km/h
Max. Tractive force 80 kN
Max. Grade ability 200
Tire inflation pressure 2.6 bar
Working hydraulic pressure 18 MPa
Transmission pressure 1.6~1.8 Mpa (16~28kg/cm2)
Service refill (reference)
Fuel Tank 280L
Engine (crankcase) oil 24L
Transmission 26L
Counter balancing case 46L
Hydraulic system 110L
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