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Motor Grader

Motor grader is also known as a road grader or simply a maintainer.
This construction machine is designed with a long blade which is the device used for creating a flat surface. The blade is usually installed between the front and rear wheels and it is liftable, tippable, and protractile. Due to the flexibility of the blade, a road grader can also be used for producing inclined surfaces or drainage ditches on both sides of highways.

With regard to specific applications, motor graders are regularly used in the construction and maintenance of dirt roads and gravel roads. During road, dam and bridge constructions, graders mainly carry out the task of preparing a smooth and flat base course which will facilitate the placement of concrete and asphalt.

In some districts, motor graders are also commonly used for removing snow from highways, in airports, and more.
All in all, a grader is important in civil engineering, road, dam and bridge construction industries.

About the supplier
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