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Wheel Loader

A wheel loader, also known as a bucket loader or skip loader, is a regularly used earthmoving equipment.

It is primarily used for shoveling and carrying loose materials such as soil, coal, gravel, etc.
It can also be used for digging and excavating minerals and hard soils.
If equipped with different auxiliary equipment, the wheel loader can be used for bulldozing, material-lifting, etc.
In road construction activities, wheel loaders are commonly used for roadbed digging and filling, carrying and paving of asphalt mixtures and cement mixtures, and more.
Sometimes, it is also used for the towing of other machines.

Our loaders have the following features: high operation speed, high working efficiency, and simple operation, etc.

About the supplier
Our company is a wheel loader manufacturer and supplier based in China. We not only produce scoop loaders, but also other construction machinery, heavy duty trucks, special heavy trucks and truck parts, and more. By adopting internationally-advanced techniques and vehicle spare parts, we ensure that all of our transportation vehicles, especial the heavy duty trucks and construction machinery, are of high performance.

All our products are CCC certified and are well accepted in Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Peru, Uruguay, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Burma, just to name a few.
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