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Air Compressor

Air Compressor for Heavy Duty Trucks

Brandname: North Benz
The function of an air compressor is to convert the mechanical energy of a motor into air-pressure energy.

Air compressors can primarily be used for the following applications
1. To fill gas cylinders with pressurized clean air.
2. To supply gas to divers.
3. To supply air to power pneumatic tools.
4. Used to fill tires.
5. Used in any other industrial processes that require large volumes of air.

Our North Benz air compressor is an OEM part for heavy duty trucks.
It is of high quality and is offered at a reasonable price.
Short delivery time and after sale service are available.
All parts are inspected by approved equipment.

About the air compressor manufacturer and supplier
Our company has established long term relationships with Shaanxi Automobile and CNHTC. Both of them are professional heavy truck and truck part manufacturers and suppliers based in China.

In addition to gas compressors, we also supply 4x2, 6x4, 8x4 series tractor heads, tippers, cargo trucks, water and fuel tank trucks, terminal tractors, etc. Meanwhile, we supply many other original Shaanxi and SINOTRUK truck parts, like fuel filters, injectors, radiators, 5th wheels, and gearboxes, etc., to satisfy any of your truck accessory demand.

All of our products are CCC certified and well accepted in Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Peru, Uruguay, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Burma, and more. We welcome you to choose from our range of products. Various original truck components of famous brand names such as Shaanxi (D'LONG, O'LONG, D'YU), SINOTRUK (HOWO, STEYR KING, GOLDEN PRINCE, HOKA) and North Benz, etc. are all available here. Welcome to choose our heavy duty truck air compressors and other products.

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