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  • 8×4 Side Dump Truck

    Diameter: 430mm, hydraulically operating with air assistance, 430A type for WD615.47, 430Btype for WD615.69, 430C type for WD615.62 and WD615.87

  • 8×4 Cargo Truck Extended cab , single berth, upward and downward, forward and backward adjustable steering wheel, VDO instrument and CMOD...

Heavy Duty Truck

Heavy-duty trucks usually have a maximum total mass of 3,500Kg. Heavy trucks include heavy-duty tractor trucks and heavy-duty trailers, among others. They are mainly used to carry very large goods whose size and weight have exceeded the scope defined by the traffic laws.
Heavy-duty tractor trucks are used for the towing of semi-trailers. A heavy-duty tractor truck is usually equipped with a high-power diesel engine, high speed ratio mechanical/hydraulic transmission and a main reducer, etc. Some are also equipped with hub reduction devices, thus reducing speed while improving the traction force. Additionally, this kind of heavy-duty truck is usually designed with 3-4 axles. Most of them are driven by rear axles. Heavy-duty tractor trucks driven by both front and rear axles are also available.
While towing a trailer, a heavy-duty tractor truck needs a certain amount of weight to increase the load on driving wheels, thus increasing the adhesive force between driving wheels and the ground.
Heavy-duty trailers function to carry super-large and extremely heavy goods. They are usually composed of a vehicle frame, wheel-and-axles, suspension systems, and steering systems, and more. A heavy duty trailer can be moved by one or more heavy-duty tractor heads in accordance with different conditions.
As a top-ranked heavy-duty truck manufacturer and supplier based in China, we can provide a comprehensive range of heavy trucks including dump trucks, tractor units, cargo trucks, semi-trailers, etc. Special heavy duty trucks like concrete mixer trucks, water and fuel tank trucks, garbage trucks and terminal tractors, etc. are also available here. These heavy trucks are equipped with advanced hydraulic systems, BPW axles, landing legs, and draft keys, etc. which are acquired from Holland, Germany, Japan, America, and Britain. Thus our product quality is highly guaranteed. All of them are CCC certified and are well accepted in Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Peru, Uruguay, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Burma, and more.
We are located in China, with convenient sea, land, and air transportation facilities. This allows us to reduce our production cost and allows customers to access low freight charges on the goods purchased. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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